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The key responsibilities will include handing, executing and providing technical support to all GIS projects, Assuring quality deliveries, Providing Technical support or constructive ideas to develop GIS tools for the enhancement of efficiency and production which include desktop, smart client, web services and web based applications and prototypes. Technical Support for business team and assistance in RFP/Tenders, presentations. If required you will have to do the technical presentations. In the course of your service you are required to constantly develop and upgrade your technical knowledge base to easily handle projects related to GIS Survey related prujects, Land Mapping for Government Sector, Utility Mapping, Photgramettric and Remote sensing projects.Execution and delivery of GIS, Mapping & Remote Sensing projects, Navigation projects.

Knowledge and experience on LiDAR or Photogrammetry based projects would be added advantage.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Interaction with clients in requirements gathering.
  • Responsible to initialize and manage successful delivery of GIS Projects including Pilot execution within the budget. This will include interaction with customer, convincing client about the methodologies adopted and approval of deliveries for release of payments.
  • Development of prototype GIS Application as per the RFP/Tender/General Enquiry to demonstrate capabilities to current and potential customers.
  • Prepare and Present technical presentations.
  • Should have strong experience in ESRI suite products, RS softwares (for imagery interpretation, analysis, classification etc.,) Having experience in handling open source GIS software’s will be added advantage official source.
  • Work with sales team for efforts estimation of project.
  • Representing AABSyS in technical conferences as and when required.
  • Adhere to company procedures, processes and quality standards.

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