Software Resource Augmentation Services

Software Resource Augmentation Services

AABSyS IT has proven experience and expertise in providing software resource augmentation services for a wide spectrum of GIS technologies including ESRI, MapInfo, Autodesk, Intergraph, GeoServer, MapServer and other open source geospatial platforms. AABSyS resources have technical capabilities in providing services for software solutions ranging for desktop to large, scalable and secure web-enabled systems for enterprise and public portals. We provide highly experienced and skilled GIS software resources for building customized solutions or to assist the maintenance and support of the client’s existing applications. Our experience ranges from GIS software development, product development, and maintenance or product sustenance on both established and evolving emerging technologies. AABSyS provides software resources proficient with Desktop, Web, Mobile and Cloud services for:

  • GIS Software Development Outsourcing
  • Product Development Outsourcing
  • GIS Application/ Product Maintenance
  • Customized GIS Application Development
  • Desktop and Web GIS Technology
  • Spatial Database Management System

Salient features

  • Technically qualified and experienced hands-on resources
  • Dedicated onsite / off-shore team working for the client
  • Regular reporting on daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Deployment of the same team for different projects of the same client
  • Ability to align resources with the client’s processes and work style

Client benefits

  • Resources aligned with the client’s workflow management system reduces the need to impart further training, saving time and costs
  • Off-shore teams puts the best use of difference in time zones, thereby ensuring timely delivery
  • Dedicated process / support team for the client at a reduced cost
  • Considerable saving of expenses related to hiring and training of appropriate resources

Broad service skills

Resources Augmentation Services for GIS Tool Development

AABSyS resources have rich experience in GIS Tool Development helping clients automate processes during GIS data creation and analysis. Based on requirements our technical teams develop desktop-based or server-based GIS tools supporting clients through their data creation and interpretation needs efficiently.

The following are the desktop GIS Tool Development skills offered by AABSyS resources:

Application Platform
Intergraph Geomedia
Standalone Applications
Ericsson Network Engineer
Software Development Kit
Tatuk GIS 11
ArcObjects with NE APIs
Programming Language
Microsoft-C# 4.5
Microsoft-C# 4.5
Microsoft-C# 4.5
Delphi XE7
Microsoft-C# 4.5
OS Environment
Microsoft Windows

Resource Augmentation Services for Web-GIS Portal Development

Analysis of GIS data is easier through effective implementation of Web-GIS when decisions are made by teams across multiple locations. AABSyS resources are skilled and experienced in web-GIS portal development enabling the client teams analyse GIS data across locations in order to share recommendations or make informed decisions.

AABSyS resources offer the following skills on WebGIS:

Application Platform
  • ESRI ArcGIS Server
  • Geoserver (Open source)
Software Development Kit/API
    • ArcGIS API for Dojo
    • ArcGIS API for JavaScript
  • Open Layers 3
Programming Language
  • ASP.Net 4.5
  • ASP.Net 4.5
Operating System Environment
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
    • SQL Server 2012 R2
    • Postgres 9.3
    • Oracle 11g R2
  • Postgres 9.3