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Nurturing the Culture of Giving – The Social Face of AABSyS

The world we live in is not a perfect world, and hence there would never be a perfect time to give. There are always people out there who need our help. The one who takes pride and realizes the joy in giving seldom stops to see whether the interest rates are rising or the economy is in recession. They understand and appreciate that money is not the only commodity that comprises meaningful giving – one could give...   Read more >>>

3D Building Landmarks

3D Building Landmarks are digital 3D models of buildings like places of worship, towers, famous historical monuments and other important buildings. 3D Building Landmarks and Photorealistic 3D Models are created using unique amalgamation of geo-informatics and multimedia technology to achieve precisely ...   Read more >>>

GIS for Property Tax Collection and Maintenance

Is there a simple way one could relate GIS (Geographical Information System) and property tax?

The expanded form of GIS indicates that it gives information regarding real world features (both man-made and natural), such as forests, buildings, rivers, roads, etc. Property (in the real estate sense) represents features on the Earth’s surface which are claimed for their ownership,...   Read more >>>