AABTonics Panelist

Mr. Arun Patnaik

Mr. Arun Patnaik

Mr. Deepak Misra

Mr. Deepak Misra

Mr. Sabhyasachi Patnaik

Mr. Sabhyasachi Patnaik

Mr. Devendra Kr. Agarwal

Mr. Devendra Kr. Agarwal

Mr. Rajen Tanwar

Mr. Rajen Tanwar


About AABTonics

With the aim to inspire innovations in the field of GIS, AABSyS IT brings to you the 2nd edition of AABTonics. AABTonics- Leveraging GIS Startup ideas is a contest for entrepreneurial minds to showcase transformative ideas and innovation, receive industry recognition, and get a headstart on your entrepreneurial journey. AABTonics offers a unique opportunity to present innovative solutions for the GIS industry to creatively solve problems big and small.

Participation Requirements

AABTonics is open to students, professionals, academics, and non-academics.

  • Participation must register as an individual or as a team.
  • Participation as a team must have 2 to 6 members, with an appointed Team Lead, with whom all the communications are to be exchanged by AABSyS IT.
  • A participant must not be a member of more than one team.
  • Participants registering under “Individual category” cannot be a member of any team.
  • A participant must abide by the Terms and Conditions defined by AABSyS IT.
  • Any deviation from the above will result in immediate disqualification of the participant.

How to Participate?

To be in the running for AABTonics, submit your GIS idea/ solution/ innovation, in areas of,

  • Mapping/ Remote Sensing/ Drone/ Photogrammetry or any other.
  • Web/ mobile/ physical / or any other application solving a problem.
  • Any GIS related idea with social, economical or commercial application of impactful significance.
  • Sustainable Development Goals.

Levels and Timeline


  • Registered teams will be required to submit a write-up on their proposed idea briefly defining the idea/ solution/ innovation along with the justification on the uniqueness, current stage of idea/startup, challenges, and team member introduction (if applicable).
  • The write-up must not exceed 3000 words and should be submitted in PDF format.
  • Kindly note that the submissions must not contain the name of the affiliated institution.
  • Participants will be able to make submissions until the mentioned deadline.


  • Qualifying participants from Level I will be required to work on presentation/ video/ prototype submission to be demonstrated before AABTonics panel.
  • The maximum limit must not exceed 15 slides for presentations and 10 minutes for videos.
  • Participants will be able to make submissions until the deadline for this round.

Evaluation Criteria

Awards and Recognition

  • All the participants and mentors will be awarded e-participation certificates.
  • The top 3 chosen by the panel will be declared as follows and offered the following rewards:

2nd winner

INR 50,000

1st winner

2nd Runner up
INR 30,000

3rd winner

3rd Runner up
INR 20,000

* NOTE: For international participants, INR will be converted to USD

For more details:

Email: aabtonics@aabsys.com
Call: +91 120 499 1414