Business Geographics Gis


TThe fast moving consumer goods industry is one of the most rapidly growing and continuously evolving sectors. The industry caters to a vast audience of both urban and rural population. The constant expansion of consumer base has given the FMCG industry ample opportunities for all kinds of companies to grow into leading and trust worthy brands by tapping into the outlook of its audience. These companies can utilise GIS technologies for a more focused management of products which will result in enhanced revenue, better resource management and improved sales and marketing strategies.

AABSyS IT can assist the FMCG industry in managing the data by providing services such as:

  • Market Survey for launch or re-launch of products
  • Gap Analysis
  • Sales analysis using thematic maps
  • Navigation applications for reduced transportation
  • Spatial data analysis for Strategic planning
  • Distribution Analysis using site selection

AABSyS IT can support FMCG majors in GIS data conversion, CAD and software automation projects, using a diverse set of platforms such as ArcGIS, ERDAS Imagine / ER Mapper, MapInfo, 3D studio, AutoCAD, StudioMax, Small World, ArcFM and AutoCAD Map.