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GIS for Retail

The increased technology advancement, availability of large volumes of data sets, increasing consumer base and heightened awareness are some of the key reasons responsible for a creation of an evolved retail sector. As a consumer centric industry, retail requires GIS for retail services to adapt to the new dynamics. A humongous data size can be easily managed by spatial analysis and creation of thematic maps. The GIS for retail services can monitor the prelaunch and launch of a product by giving insights for better strategic marketing and management.

AABSyS IT can assist the retail industry by providing the following GIS for retail services are:

  • Facilitate spatial data sharing and exchange
  • Market analysis by geocoding customers
  • Market demographics analysis
  • Spatially enabled departments
  • Spatial data Management
  • Web-based store locator
  • Geofencing Services

AABSyS IT expertise and experience in the field of CAD, Software and GIS in retail industry can support the retail industry in taking informed decisions using diverse set of platforms including ArcGIS, ERDAS Imagine / ER Mapper, MapInfo, 3D studio, AutoCAD, StudioMax, Small World, ArcFM and AutoCAD Map.