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GIS in Health

Geographic information system and computer aided designing can act as an important tool for monitoring and managing the healthcare industry. The government has been working on improving the standard of living by providing better healthcare facilities, quick response to fatal communicable disease, spatially analysed medication. These targets can be achieved by using new and superior technologies such as GIS in health that aim to address the critical issues in healthcare by studying issues from an inter-disciplinary prospective. As healthcare is an information intensive industry there is vast scope for the use of CAD and GIS in health services.

Setting up of a new healthcare facility, study of critical diseases and hospital management is bound to be become more focused by using AABSyS IT’s services.

AABSyS IT’s CAD, Software and GIS in health expertise can help by providing services such as:

  • CAFM, 3D representations for enhanced hospital management
  • Navigation for timely healthcare support
  • Geospatial data analysis
  • Thematic maps
  • Market Survey for geomedicine
  • Gap Analysis and capital planning in developing countries
  • Health Management using Operations analysis

AABSyS IT expertise and experience in the field of CAD, Software and GIS in healthcare industry can support healthcare projects using diverse set of platforms including ArcGIS, ERDAS Imagine / ER Mapper, MapInfo, 3D studio, AutoCAD, StudioMax, Small World, ArcFM and AutoCAD Map.