Gis For Natural Resource Management

GIS for Natural Resource Management

Management of natural resources is the need of the hour and therefore commands due importance in the GIS, CAD and Software industry as well. The technical specifications of geographic information system (GIS) and computer aided designing and drafting services assist in management of natural resources. The GIS for Natural Resource Management maps are useful tool that help in fast and effective decision making as they create comprehensive maps.

AABSyS IT provides GIS services for Natural Resource Management to the following sectors:

The services offered by AABSyS IT as a part of its GIS for Natural Resource Management are:

  • Thematic Mapping for Natural Resource Management
  • Geospatial Livelihood planning
  • Spatial Data modelling
  • Site suitability analysis
  • Satellite image processing
  • Land Use Land Cover Mapping
  • Geological database creation
  • Environmental management using GIS
  • Forestry mapping services
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