Gis For Natural Resource Management

GIS for Mining Geology

The depletion of resources at a fast rate and implementation of policies that ensure sustainability of the resources have led mining and geology industry to realize the importance of technologies such as, GIS for mining and geology. While mining and geology industry is a traditional industry, the use of GIS for mining and geology has brought about a revolution by ensuring cost efficient and detailed studies of the concerned area. GIS for mining and geology helps in creation of maps that are an amalgamation of all the information regarding the concerned area.

The GIS for mining and geology services at AABSyS IT can assist the industry by providing the following:

  • Digitization of geological maps
  • Geological database creation
  • Map update for mineral exploration
  • Full digitization of all geological features such as structural points/data, faults, folds, lithological contact interpretations and outcrops
  • Interpretation of lithological contacts
  • Digitization and classification of clearing areas from aerial photographs
  • Capturing, gridding, contouring of features
  • Georeferencing
  • Topographical & Physiographical mapping
  • Satellite image processing
  • Image Classification
  • Well-log data capturing
  • Attribution creation / update
  • Theme Creation and Map Preparation
  • Data Analysis and Report Generation

AABSyS GIS for mining and geology services use image analysis software packages such as ENVI, MultiSpec, ArcGIS, ERDAS Imagine / ER Mapper, MapInfo, AutoCAD Map and MicroStation to easily build focused and detailed spectral libraries tailored to the application requirements.