Services for the CAD Designing and Drafting Industry

AABSyS has been successfully supporting the CAD Design and Drafting Industry globally since 1998. We are a one-stop service provider to the CAD Design and Drafting Industry that actively supports Architecture, Land Surveying, Real Estate, Telecom and Utility sectors using the best, efficient and cost-effective technology, and tools.

Our skill sets in CAD Design and Drafting include knowledge and expertise in drafting, designing and customizing programs in AutoCAD, Bentley MicroStation, ADT, Revit, ZWCAD and 3D Studio Max.

CAD Conversion and Standardization

AABSyS serves a wide range of customers in the field of Architectural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering and Civil Engineering by using the best, efficient and cost-effective technology, and tools. With our deep domain experience and long standing experience in serving the CAD Design and Drafting industry, AABSyS helps ensure that the customer’s CAD drawing standards are developed and implemented. Our CAD conversion and standardization portfolio broadly involves:
  • 2D and 3D CAD Drafting
  • Scan to CAD
  • Point Cloud to CAD
  • CAD conversion from PDF or hand-drawn sketches
  • Red-line Drawing conversion
  • CAFM Drawing conversion
  • CAD Standardization
  • Naval Architecture Drawing conversion

Architectural CAD Drafting

AABSyS Architectural CAD Design and drafting covers floor plans, furniture arrangements plans, elevations and cross-sectional views for commercial and residential buildings. AABSyS has deep domain expertise in creating floor plans, cross-sectional plans, roof framing and foundation plans, reflected ceiling plans, landscape plans, interior plans, 3D views of Residential and Multi-stored houses, Elevation, and side views. Following are the key services offered:
  • 2D and 3D floorplan rendering
  • Site plan drafting
  • Photorealistic interior designs
  • 3D rendering and walkthroughs
  • 3D Models of Local Authority Approved Drawings for construction

Utility CAD Services

AABSyS has been providing CAD Design and Drafting services for the global utility industry including, telecom, electric and gas service providers.
  • Utility Construction and Permitting Drawings (electrical, telecom, gas and water)
  • Structural drafting of cellular towers
  • As-Built drawings

Construction Survey Drafting

Construction Survey Drafting service is also known by other names, such as Site Layout Survey Drafting, Construction Stakeout Survey Drafting, Building Survey Drafting or Set Out Plan Drafting. Construction Survey Drafting is used by many contractors during the construction process. AABSyS offers the Construction Survey Drafting to building surveyors, civil surveyors, construction surveyors and providers of set-out services.

The following are included as part of our project:

  • Drafting of building lots as per input plan
  • Placement of house/building in the desired plot as per project specifications
  • Placement of dimensions from the corner of the house to the lot boundary

Isometric Drafting

AABSyS offers the isometric drafting services to real estate developers, utility providers, Facility providers, architects, engineers and contractors all around the world.

The following are part of our standard project

  • 2D representation of the asset assembly of piping system
  • Bill of material for pipe assemblies

Solar Panel Layout Designs

AABSyS team studies and understands the need and scope of each individual project theoretically and develops a solution that addresses the project requirements practically. The following services are offered for the preparation of solar panel templates:
  • Site plan with roof
  • House photo and vicinity map roof plan
  • Attachment detail drawings
  • Front and side views of mounting planes
  • Line diagram
  • Survey plan
  • 3D rendered views for rooftop panel layouts

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Engineering Drafting Services