GIS for Navigation Industry

Services for the GIS Software and Automation Industry

For the global for the GIS software and automation industry, AABSyS provides end-to-end services which are developed based on specific needs and requirements of customers, regardless of their complexity. AABSyS pioneering efforts enable it to specially weave its services into customer environments. The company provides GIS software and automation services that consistently meet or exceed customer’s expectations. Given below are the key services offered:

GIS Software Services

AABSyS understands customer requirements and provides a complete solutions suite to deliver the functionalities preferred. AABSyS offers end-to-end customization and GIS application development services in common platforms (ESRI Suite products, ERDAS Apollo, Open source etc.) in the following areas:

  • GIS application development – Desktop, Web and Mobile
  • Design, development, and maintenance of customer geospatial databases
  • Database migration across platforms
  • Application migration across platforms
  • Quality Management Process Automation
  • Development of industry standard spatial information systems
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface) development
  • SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure)
  • Open-source environment

In addition AABSyS has developed strong capabilities in augmented reality on the following technologies:

Platform Technology
Mobile Android IDE: Android Studio
Language: Kotlin with AR Core
Design Pattern: MVVM
Database: Firebase
iOS IDE: XCode with Catalina for iOS
Language: Swift with AR Core
Design Pattern: MVVM
Database: Firebase
Automation Services

Be it enhancement of productivity or review of work quality, AABSyS has developed several process automation tools that help ensure that the best output is delivered to the customer within the desired turnaround time. Following are they key aspects:


  • Update of sub-cluster tables
  • Population premises tables with detailed data
  • Premise count details inside sub cluster boundary
  • Sequential numbering of different stages of work
  • Creation of chart spreadsheet from diagrams
  • Placement of entities in proper layer, color, line type
  • Create PDF plots of all grids by the time of changing associated attributes
  • Quality control tools for creation and attribution of FTTx data
  • Creation of single line diagram (SLD) from design data
  • Creation of splice sheet from design data/SLD
  • Automatic population of labels of cables, splice closures, splitters, etc as per rule
  • Automatic service connection capturing during design phase.


  • Automation of manual design and drafting operations in AutoCAD
  • Quality Assurance tools for CAD design and drafting
  • Export information from CAD to Excel
  • Automatic placement of dimensions


  • Collection of survey data
  • Automation of digitization process
  • Identification and reporting of errors in different images collected in surveyed data
  • Quality Assurance tools for GIS data creation and attribution
  • Plugins for ArcGIS desktop, ArcGIS Pro, QGIS