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Services for the Mapping and Navigation Industry

The use of GIS in the global mapping and navigation industry has been growing at a steady rate. The global mapping and navigation industry uses new technologies such as GIS, GPS and Remote sensing instead of the traditional method of manual assimilation of data for generating mapping and navigation content.

This steep rise in use of GIS can be credited to the rampant increase in the number of people who use digital mapping and navigation services for everyday use. This trend has led to the development of new and innovative geodata content services and products. AABSyS IT is an end to end services and solutions provider in the mapping and navigation geo-content space with the right mix of on-site and off-site (field) teams. The company has a solid experience in both on-field and off-field projects, in various domains, including navigation geo-content space. AABSyS offers the following high quality and cost effective mapping and navigation data services:

Image Based Data Capture

High resolution satellite images are some of the most reliable sources of mapping and navigation data. AABSyS uses high resolution satellite / aerial images for the capture and representation of highways, roads, streets and building footprints. AABSyS has strong experience of capturing large volumes of data directly via remote access.

Roads and Streets Data:

  • Digitization of roads and streets
  • Classification of roads, streets, and other specified information
GIS for Navigation Industry

Building Footprint Data:

  • 3D building models derived from high-resolution satellite /aerial imagery
  • Estimation and attribution of indicative heights and features of buildings
  • Data creation in different level of detail
GIS for Navigation Industry
3D Datasets

AABSyS commands strong experience in the creation of 3D building datasets, starting from photorealistic 3D models of well-known landmark buildings to select city pockets. Following are the key aspects:

3D Building Landmarks:

  • Capture of details such as grid alignment, dimensions, and slanting roofs
  • Precise geo-referencing of the 3D building model
  • Derivation of textures from real-world photography
GIS for Navigation Industry

3D City Models:

  • Capture of details such as grid alignment, dimensions, and slanting roofs
  • Precise geo-referencing of the 3D building model
GIS for Navigation Industry
Indoor Mapping

Indoor mapping aims to assist visitors to find their way inside large building complexes. Indoor mapping generally comprises of the following:

  • Creation of the building floor plan
  • Attribution of units
  • Demarcation of entry, exit and amenities
  • Geo-referencing
GIS for Navigation Industry
Geo-Content Data Enhancement

AABSyS has rich experience in enhancing mapping and navigation data. This could be achieved by the following broad steps:

  • Data Conflation
  • Cartographic representation
  • Data Cleansing
  • Addition/removal of features
GIS for Navigation Industry
Data Attribution

Assignment of additional, more relevant information to features increases the relevance of geo-content and make it more useful and navigable to users of mapping and navigation. This is generally achieved from information derived from various sources such as:

  • Interpretation based on updated high-resolution imagery and visuals
  • Community based crowdsourcing
  • Ancillary information from secondary sources
  • Field survey inputs
GIS for Navigation Industry
Field Data Collection

Field data collection for Mapping and navigation broadly involves the following:

  • Point of Interest (POI) data capture
  • House level Geocoding
  • Attribute collection
  • Demographic surveys
GIS for Navigation Industry
Application Development and Automation

As part of our portfolio of services for the napping and navigation industry AABSyS has deep domain expertise in the following:

  • Development of mapping, geocoding, and routing applications
  • Development of navigation applications for Location Intelligence
  • Development of GIS Navigation web services for third party applications
GIS for Navigation Industry
Custom Program Management

AABSyS has long standing experience in providing end-to-end mapping and navigation services for some of the leading global navigation companies, including the following:

  • Liaisons for data collection, permissions, approvals
  • Program management
  • Data Aggregation from multiple sources
GIS for Navigation Industry

AABSyS mapping and navigation services involves paying attention to finer details such as grid alignment, accurate capture of dimensions, positional accuracy and completeness of content. Mapping and navigation data can be provided in multiple platforms. AABSyS IT has extensive experience across multiple technologies, platforms for mapping and navigation product development and sustenance engineering.

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