Utility Mapping Services

Utilities industries relies heavily on geographic information system, remote sensing utility mapping services, and computer aided design and drafting technologies for well-timed and cost effective functioning. AABSyS IT has extensive experience and expertise in the utility mapping services and field data capturing of utility networks such as electrical, water, gas, sewage & telecom.

AABSyS IT offers utility conversion services for utility supply lines such as water mains, data lines, telephone lines, power lines, gas mains, and sewer lines. AABSyS IT’s utility mapping services help in efficient designing, resource management, outage and distribution management, database planning and installations management, power line management and monitoring.

AABSyS IT caters to the following utility industries:

The utility mapping services also helps in documenting the vital underground and overhead assets digitally. AABSyS IT offers the following utility mapping service verticals:

  1. GIS Data Management
  2. Network Design & Drafting
    • Network Drafting, Design, Adjustment and Rectification
    • Physical Network Inventory
    • Bill of Material (BOM)
    • Cross section profile creation
    • Facilities Data Clean-up
  3. Assets Records Management
  4. Enterprise Application Development
    • MGC Smart Apps for Utilities
    • Custom Application, Tools and Process Development
    • Data Model Design and Development
    • Application Integration
    • Application Migration

AABSyS IT is experienced in using multiple GIS platforms including ArcFM, ArcFM UT, GE Smallworld, Ericsson Network Engineer, 3-GIS, AutoCAD, Microstation and other high-end software for utility mapping services. AABSyS specializes in providing end to end geospatial services and utility mapping services for Utility industry. The company has strong partnering arrangement with Mettenmeier GmbH, Europe’s leading GIS software consultancy and is the custodian of Smallworld NRM suite of applications. AABSyS IT is the preferred utility mapping services provider to prestigious utility majors in Europe, Australia and US.

The company believes in the philosophy of working together with clients to deliver projects on strict timelines and within strict budgets. Over the past decade AABSyS IT has built a reputation as one of the leading utility mapping service providers with high rate (65-75 %) of return business from its existing clients year after year.