Transformation of the wired telecom industry began when highly functional optical fiber cables (OFC) started replacing the traditional copper wire cables. OFCs brought with them the promise of easier access and faster connectivity between cities and towns. These promises also brought about unique challenges related to and transformation of the network structure and wider geographic reach. With our long standing experience in the telecom utility industry, AABSyS is uniquely positioned to provide the following services:

  • FTTx network design
  • Land base data creation and route optimization
  • Network Data Capture with asset data and physical network inventory
  • Network Data migration from multiple sources to a single platform
  • As-built Update of the network (OSP/ISP) on the enterprise/central GIS
  • Surveys – NLD/Intra-city, As Built Drawing (ABD)
  • Network conflation with reference to the land-base and creation of shift models
  • Pole Loading Analysis and Modeling
  • Survey permits
  • Small Cell Drafting Services