GIS for Water Distribution Network

Water industry requires the assistance of GIS in many verticals. The judicious use and conservation of water is one of the most talked about topics on global platforms. Every country tries to ensure optimisation of water use by using technologies such as GIS for water. Apart from its everyday use, water can be used for multiple purposes and therefore is an important part of the various industries. AABSyS extensive expertise and experience in carrying out projects of the Water Industry using its GIS for water services. AABSyS’s GIS for water services offer efficient designing, resource management, outage and distribution management, database planning and installations management, line management and monitoring.

The GIS for water industry plays a proactive role in addressing, monitoring and managing the water pipe lines, outlets, etc. in times of emergency and calamities.

AABSyS primarily specialises in the following fields:

  • Distribution Network
  • Mapping of Valves
  • Mapping of Distribution Points
  • Leak History Data
  • Trouble Call Analysis

AABSyS has been working in providing GIS for water industry for more than 17 years now and has strong clients base in Europe, North America and Australia. The company ensures error free, cost effective and time bound deliverables. AABSyS ensures that the clients are kept well-informed with the development of project by holding timely meetings and conferences.


The customer, a leading largest Utility Distribution Companies (for Gas/Water/Electricity) in Germany and some more countries in Europe, required vectorization of gas and water pipes on the pre-digitized ground cadaster map as per the dimension. The customer possess scanned images having both gas and water information and vectorized ground cadaster map.

Solution Offered

  • AABSyS digitized parts of a gas distribution network which included pipeline specifications. The plots of scanned images were used as reference.
  • The gas and water pipe lines were digitized in separate files as per the dimension with reference to the ground cadaster map.
  • A tailored routine program was developed in Auto LISP which was then used for automated execution of the dimensioning and transformation of entities to their specified layers. All the utility information were captured from the image as per client’s specification.
  • Ground cadaster maps were digitized as per client specifications. Plots, houses, streets were digitized as closed polygons.
  • Wherever dimensions were missing, the raster image served as reference. Pipe-fittings and corresponding information were placed as block attributes and pipelines were grouped with their respective specifications.
  • The relevant objects such as plots, houses, streets and their respective numbering were grouped. The drawing files were merged to one deliverable.
  • Finally two merged files of both gas and water were delivered to the client after a thorough quality check.

Technology used

  • AABSyS used heads up digitization for conversion of the products. AABSyS team used techniques such as manual digitizing, coordinate conversion, rubber sheeting and merging for timely completion of the project.
  • Few indigenous auto lisp routines were developed in order to expedite the drafting process and assure quality assured floor plans.
  • The team at AABSyS used high end, up-to dated software such as AutoCAD, Estate Manager, Archibus, Admin, etc. to complete the given task.
  • AABSyS was in continuous correspondence with the clients in order to solve any queries.

AABSyS Advantage

  • The team at AABSyS quickly understood the requirements and expectations of the project and AABSyS completed the project in the stipulated time frame.
  • The client, the largest Electricity Distribution Company in Europe required the project to be completed in a time bound and cost effective manner for easy maintenance and monitoring of the city’s Gas Distribution Network.
  • The indigenous online query management system ensured that only relevant questions were asked by the AABSyS team.
  • The team at AABSyS ensure that the project was completed in least possible time frame.