3D Rendering in Architecture

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3D rendering is the process of producing an image based on three-dimensional image within a computer. It can be used to depict buildings, landscapes or animated characters. The concept of 3D rendering has become especially popular in architecture. Today, there are a lot of companies that offer 3D architectural rendering services.

It’s not difficult to see why these 3D rendering services have become popular. For one, it’s always easier for a builder to convince a client when he has a 3D architectural rendering of an apartment/ office in full color, with interactive features, instead of drawings on paper that are hard to understand. And unlike a 2D floor plan, it’s easier to make changes on the fly in a 3D architectural rendering to suit a client’s needs.

Rapid advances in technology have made these 3D rendering services accessible to everybody. In the past, 3D renderings were extremely expensive to produce, and were usually created only for multi-million dollar commercial projects. The others had to make their home buying decisions just by looking at hard-to-understand drawings.

Today, fast computers and CAD software technology have brought residential 3D renderings of 2D plans within the reach of the common man. Home buyers can get lifelike, accurate, full-color CAD 3D images of their floor plans so that they can make informed decisions.

3D architectural rendering can be done from AutoCAD applications, scanned hard copies or even hand drawings. They are also known as photoreal renderings because of their lifelike images. There are several types of photoreal renderings, including still renderings, walk-through and fly-by animations, virtual tours, panoramic renderings, light and shadow renderings and renovation renderings.

A lot of companies have been outsourcing their 3D architectural rendering to India in recent years because of the attractive combination of high expertise and low prices. These companies offer different kinds of 3D architectural modeling and 3D architectural rendering services. These range from basic 3D floor plans to complex walkthroughs with sophisticated animation and high-quality photography.