Benefits of Working with GIS Mapping Companies

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GIS mapping companies, gather, organize and analyse spatial and non-spatial data of a particular geographic location and present them in the form of dynamic maps. GIS mapping services provide valuable inputs to unlock new and powerful insights on resource locations, consumer trends, demographic behavior, utility mapping and any other information pertaining to a particular place.

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) mapping companies are distinguished by their ability to gather, organize and analyse data in terms of its geographical location. GIS mapping services make use of Computer Aided Design (CAD), Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and GIS systems on widely used platforms such as ESRI or MapInfo to gather and analyse data from land surveys, aerial and satellite pictures as well as other resources. The data is then combined and presented in the form of dynamic maps with data organized in the form of 2D or 3D models.

By virtue of the geographically arranged dynamic data, GIS mapping helps us know a lot about a specific location, asset, object, property that we didn’t know before. Data inputs can be anything like residential complexes, roads, highways, water bodies such as rivers, canals,sea, pond, lakes, mountains, bus stops and even statistical data like census figures, property details and other demographical information. The type of data that you feed into a GIS depends on the kind of analysis you want of a particular location. Since GIS maps are dynamic, and change according to the data that is input, they have become incredibly useful in a variety of fields.

GIS Mapping companies help provide turn-key solutions to government departments, utility companies, telecom companies, environmentalists, geologists, research organizations, map production companies, etc. The utility companies that make use of GIS mapping services include electrical networks, water and sewage networks, gas networks, and pipeline networks. The services extend to rail and road mapping, land use classification for geological and environmental sectors, defence sector, education and research oriented organizations.

Municipalities or Urban Development organizations use GIS mapping services for urban development such as Cadastral mapping, property tax reforms, enhancement of other civic services in a locality, etc. Some GIS mapping companies also provide ‘Automated Mapping and Facilities Management,” or AM/FM, that automates the mapping process and manages facilities represented by items on the map.

We see that private companies, government corporations and utility companies use GIS mapping for better productivity and efficient use of resources. Business and utility companies can make use of GIS services to unlock new and powerful insights on resource locations, customer analysis, sales trends etc. GIS mapping services are vital for every industry in order to manage data, predict, analyse and map data in the best manner possible.