Data Entry in India: Scope and Benefits

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Data processing is any computer process that converts data into information or knowledge. Data entry in India is a fast growing industry as it is a preferred destination for IT and IT related business.

The scope of data entry in India is enormous considering the fact that India is a preferred destination for IT and IT related business. Data plays a fundamental role in the IT sector and is a critical area that demands expertise because it can help your business measure up to international standards of excellence and competence. Skilled data entry processes can also streamline your business and help it move seamlessly, saving time, money and giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Data entry in India encompasses a broad range of services like basic data entry, data processing, data conversion, database entry, image entry, data entry online, data entry based on survey, company reports, insurance claims etc.

Here are the different data entry (computing) scenarios:

  • Creation of data representation through manual data entry procedures
  • Changing pattern of data from existing representations
  • Identification of specific patterns of online data and extraction through automated processes
  • Intelligent data entry – An approach towards the goal of understanding human thinking. This involves logical checking of information with the data entry device being programmed to avoid errors at the point of data entry
  • Data entry online: Related to gathering information from the Internet and entering relevant data from various websites into a database.

Data Entry benefits:

  • Data entry online helps in the process of Research and Analysis
  • Data entry online helps in generating information from across the web
  • Conversion of raw data into digital data which can be processed in various industrial sectors
  • Helps in electronic word processing
  • Online data entry can be made use of in some cases for data retrieval, if you need to make use of data online
  • Facilitates Data migration: Upgrading or making relevant changes to the data when a company upgrades its database, or changes it system software from one version to another.

Quality Measures used in data entry:

Here are the kinds of quality measures that we incorporate in data entry processes:

  • Post processing techniques such as development of routines for elimination of double-entry records
  • Serialization and proper formatting of output data
  • Automated and manual spell check techniques used for 100% accuracy