2.5D Height-based clutter data for wireless network planning


A leading telecommunication firm in the Asia-Pacific region

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The client, a leading telecommunication firm, has requested AABSyS support for the creation of 2.5D height-based clutter (land use) data for accurate planning of their wireless networks.


Solution Offered

AABSyS had offered the following solution:

  • Selection of the most suitable source inputs for data creation of nine key cities of Australia
  • Creation of land use data from suitable satellite images
  • Height-based classification of land-use in line with the customer’s data model and interpretation parameters for each data layer
  • Detailed quality assurance procedures certified in line with the customer’s quality policy

Technology used

  • AABSyS has procured and used medium-high resolution satellite images of the latest vintage for data creation, over nine key cities of Australia
  • Proprietary tools and algorithms were used to derive the various data layers in line with the client’s data model
  • High end software such as ERDAS Imagine was used along with in-house developed tools for the classification of land use data
  • Quality control and assurance procedure were carried out using quality tools developed in house before the final shipment of data

AABSyS Advantage

  • The client – a leading telecommunication firm in the Asia Pacific region – had appreciated the quick and steady work flow from AABSyS
  • AABSyS had also supported the customer with delivery of data in multiple formats, enabling a smoother process of network planning
  • With our long standing experience and deep domain expertise, AABSyS is well placed to support the global telecom industry with a range of efficient and flawless solutions and services