3D Building landmarks


Leading navigation company

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The customer, a leading navigation content company had requested AABSyS to create 3D models of select landmarks to be used in their navigation applications. The customer supplied AABSyS with the following components: Standard detail 3D building model, Light detail 3D building model, 2D icon and alpha icon and Landmark anchor point.


Solution Offered

AABSyS had offered the following solution:

  • Creation of 3D model of the landmark of interest built with fine details
  • Undertaking detailed tasks like grid alignment, accurate capture of dimensions, and drafting of slanting roofs
  • Derivation of 3D models textures from real world photography captured at ground level by digital camera
  • Representation of the model in line with real world scale and orientation in a variety of data formats

Technology used

  • A team of highly skilled resources was assigned for the completion of the project
  • The project was completed using high end, up-to-date GIS software such as ArcInfo and 3D applications, such as 3D Studio Max
  • AABSyS has used multiple levels of quality assurance procedures to ensure that the final products are error free
  • The team was in continuous interaction with the customer for clarifications and mid-project approvals
  • The resulting 3D model will be equivalent to the real world scale and orientation would be presented in a variety of 3D formats

AABSyS Advantage

  • The client – a leading navigation content service provider – had appreciated the quick and steady work flow from AABSyS
  • The customer was happy with the time bound and cost effective manner in which the project was executed
  • With our long standing experience and deep domain expertise, AABSyS is well placed to support the global navigation content industry with a range of efficient and flawless services