Cemetery Mapping


Solutions Provider for Cemetery GIS Data Integration Services

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There are more than a million cemeteries in the United Kingdom. The effective management of these cemeteries require a centralized cemetery management system. The customer is a UK-based solutions provider for cemetery GIS data integration services, who requested AABSyS support to prepare a GIS data based on a variety of inputs.

Solution Offered

  • The scope of work involved data capture and representation of cemeteries in a geospatial environment
  • AABSyS undertook a careful geo-referencing of the overview maps of the cemeteries
  • Section maps were “rubber-sheeted” over the overview maps
  • Digitization was done keeping in mind the uniform size of the cemeteries
  • Attribution was made based on the textual data provided by the client
  • The data underwent thorough quality checks to be part of the client’s GIS data model
  • The final data becomes part of a central database of the client’s cemetery management system

Technology used

  • A team of skilled GIS experts was assigned for completion of the project
  • The team at AABSyS used up-to date software such as AutoCAD Map, MapInfo and high resolution satellite images available in the public domain to complete the given task.
  • AABSyS was in continuous correspondence with the clients using instant communication platforms, E-mails and status updates in order to solve any queries and share the status of progress
  • The project was delivered in a phased manner and was successfully completed in a year’s turnaround time

AABSyS Advantage

  • AABSyS has been providing GIS services for more than 17 years now
  • The client, a leading provider of UK-based solutions provider for cemetery GIS data integration services, was content with the final website and accuracy of the GIS data
  • The client appreciated the work done at AABSyS as the deliverables were provided in a time bound, cost effective manner. An extensive quality assurance procedure ensured a flawless execution of the project