Computer Aided Facility Management


Computer Aided Facility Management software solutions provider, United Kingdom

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The client, a leading provider of web-based Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) software solutions for Corporate Real Estate and Facilities groups, located in United Kingdom possessed non-standardized as-built floor plans and other data like building name, site name, floor number, address of the building, photo of the building, etc.

The floor plans needed to be:

  • Linked to the online database.
  • Standardized as per CAFM standard, placing room polygons and link them to online database.
  • Updated with the data and drawing as per request in the online system over Citrix.

Solution Offered

  • All the layers in the original drawing were translated to standard layer, layer wise. Any objects that were not supported in CAFM database were substituted by supported object types.
  • Blocking of furniture was done as per globally acceptable standards.
  • All rooms and surrounding areas were polylined according to the globally acceptable standards.
  • After standardization was done, the floor was linked to online database with data such as building name, floor number, address, etc.
  • All the requests regarding the changes in the deliverables were received by AABSyS as tasks in the pre-designated task system.
  • The updated tasks were reviewed and the data/drawing online was update as per client’s request.
  • Once the task was complete, then the deliverables were properly quality checked and the tasks were closed.

Technology used

  • A dedicated team comprising of an Account Manager, seven core CAFM coordinators and two non-cores CAFM coordinators was assigned to work on the project.
  • The team at AABSyS used high end, up-to dated software such as AutoCAD, Estate Manager, Archibus, Admin, etc. to complete the given task.
    Few indigenous auto lisp routines were developed in order to expedite the drafting process and assure quality assured floor plans.
    AABSyS team was in continuous correspondence with the clients in order to solve any queries.

AABSyS Advantage

  • AABSyS has been providing CAFM and CAD standardization since 2007.
  • The client, a leading provider of web-based CAFM software solutions for Corporate Real Estate and Facilities groups, located in United Kingdom.
  • The flawless floor plans provided by AABSyS were useful in making informed decisions.
  • The client appreciated the work done at AABSyS as the deliverables were provided in a time bound, cost effective manner. An extensive quality assurance procedure ensured delivery of perfect floor plans.