Data Capturing for Broadband Network


Broadband Network Provider, Australia

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The customer, a leading Australian broadband network provider, required AABSyS’s support as a sub-contractor in one of their projects for constructing Greenfields fiber network design. They required assistance in capturing data for construction and installation of the broadband network with standardized design.

Additionally, the project also required AABSyS to create As-Built drawings and update the assets in geographic information system.

Solution Offered

  • Based on the design and volume of the work laid out in the Service Level Agreement for the expected timelines of new drawing, revisions and ASLAIDs,
  • AABSyS IT worked on: Drawing preparation which involved identification of the location on provided land base using the street junctions and POIs/landmarks, capturing the network features as per the standard design specs provided by the customer, scaling and standard offset from right of way to cable and conduit and coding and naming convention was followed as per specified design standards.
  • Standardized attribution for cables, pits, terminals, duct, conduits and other OSP equipment with their unique coding standards and interlink with fiber service area, fiber service module, fiber distribution area, physical network identification (OSP) and sequence number of equipment/asset.
  • Customized tools were used to capture the features with certain logic and checks that help design team members to follow specified guidelines like naming/coding conventions.
  • Standardized Quality Check and Quality Assurance involved plotting and checking in-line with the inputs, e.g. for pits, cables and connectivity.

Technology used

  • AABSyS deployed a team of 15 resources to work on the drawings for construction purpose as per the design and creating ASLAID drawings.
  • The team at AABSyS used high end, up-to dated software such as AutoCAD, Estate Manager, Archibus, Admin, etc. to complete the given task.
  • Identification of missing/wrong features and semi-automated checks were implemented to ensure proper naming convention and unique coding in order to expedite the project while assuring the quality of deliverables

AABSyS Advantage

  • AABSyS has been providing data capturing services for more than 17 years now.
  • The client appreciated the work done at AABSyS as the deliverables were provided in a time bound, cost effective manner. An extensive quality assurance steps ensured flawless deliverables.