Data Capturing on GAS Distribution Network


Utility Distribution Company (for Gas/Water/Electricity), Europe

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The customer, the largest Utility Distribution Companies (for Gas/Water/Electricity) in Germany and some more countries in Europe requires AABSyS to capture the GAS pipe asset data such as all the pipe objects, dimensions , labeling and some missing topographical objects into GIS using Small World 4.0 platform. The customer possess these data sets in various formats and wanted to transfer and merge the data in one single format. The total length of the network was 2100 km.

Solution Offered

  • The work was to be completed in a stipulated timeline of six months.
  • The data was migrated from different platforms such as AutoCAD, Microstation, and Intergraph etc. in overview scale.
  • Owning to the humongous amount of work and strict time frame, AABSYS has deployed as many as forty resources, where the individuals were grouped together in production, quality check, project coordination, doubt clarification and management departments.
  • The original scanned maps were provided and transformed to the system for reference purpose.
  • At 25% areas survey points were provided. These survey points were taken from existing pipes underground and pipe objects. AABSYS has taken those survey points to lay the pipe on GIS.
  • In rest 75% areas, the laying of pipes were done by taking the dimensions provided on the source scanned maps.
  • Attributes of pipe and pipe objects were taken from the source scanned maps and filled in the object editor of each pipe and object.
  • All the queries were discussed on an online platform and the customer was kept in loop with the progress of the project.

Technology used

  • Two senior managers from AABSyS traveled to the customer site for training on source data structure, specification, methodology and pilot data capturing. They then created and trained a team of experts before segregating them into various departments for efficient project execution.
  • Customer had provided some easy tools to expedite the data capturing process.
  • AABSyS team worked on high end, updated, licensed software such as AutoCAD, Microstation, and Intergraph.
  • An indigenous query handling system was used to interact with the customer.

AABSyS Advantage

  • The customer, the largest Utility Distribution Companies (for Gas/Water/Electricity) in Europe, required to capture 2100 km of gas data in a stipulated time frame. AABSyS team competed the project in a time bound, cost effective manner
  • The continuous interaction regarding the queries ensured that the deliverables were prepared as per the customer’s expectations.
  • AABSyS is a leading name in the utility industry of Europe. Its strong partnerships with various European companies give it an extra edge.