Digital Survey Maps Creation


Utility Major, Europe

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The customer, a leading Utility company based Europe required AABSyS to create Digital Survey Maps for Mapping of Utility Lines and Optical Cables. The main scope of the project included, creation of detailed information of optical fiber cable on ground cadaster map in DWG format. The customer supplied AABSyS with scanned images of ground cadaster maps, DWG file containing survey points and drilling information of the optical fiber cables.

Solution Offered

  • The project was dived in four phases, such that the first phase task was to digitized the 400 km of highway and adjoining ground cadaster information, containing elements such as streets, houses, and plots. Individual maps were geo-referenced using the Gauss-Krueger coordinate system and merged into a single map.
  • In the second phase, surveyed geo-coordinate points and information from hand sketched survey data sheets were used to create a digital survey map. The digitized information includes streets, optical cables, electricity lines, fence lines, drain lines, man holes, hand holes, sign poles and fixed points such as kilometer stones. Streets and optical cables were digitized as ‘SPLINE’. The optical fiber cables were drawn separately as per the survey points provided by the costumer. The digital cable maps were merged with the ground cadaster map and cleaned according to the specifications provided by the customer.
  • In the third phase, the digital ground cadaster information was integrated with the digital survey map and merged to obtain a geo-referenced digital map of 400 km of highway. In the fourth phase, merged data was fitted into frames with the title block information, the drilling layout maps and other information.
  • Data was delivered to the client in DWG format.

Technology used

  • AABSyS team used automated routine programs conversion method to convert the survey prom from Field book file to AutoCAD.
  • The project was completed using high end, up-to-date software such as AutoCAD.
  • After consultation with the customer, the team at AABSyS used techniques such as Heads-up digitization, geo-referencing, integration for final use and analysis.
  • AABSyS used multiple levels of quality assurance procedures to ensure that the final products are error free.

AABSyS Advantage

  • The team at AABSyS understood the requirements and expectations of the project and AABSyS completed the project in the stipulated time frame.
  • The customer required the project to be completed in a time bound and cost effective manner for Planning and laying of optical cables or utility lines and for easy maintenance of network.
  • The indigenous online query management system ensured that only relevant questions were asked by the AABSyS team.