Farm Coding Web-GIS Application


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The client – a leading software and services company that provides desktop Geographic Information Systems – has invited AABSyS to develop an application for visualization and analysis of animal farms areas in order for the local authorities to take counter measures in case of a contagious disease outbreak. AABSyS has offered a web-based GIS solution that can address the customer’s requirements in an efficient and effective manner.

Solution Offered

Upon consultation with the client, AABSyS proposed the following solution:

  • Generation of two specific outputs, namely (1) holding number based on land parcel inputs and (2) Species code for animal species based on the list of farm animal species provided by the client.
  • Visualization of land parcels of different species of animals as per the applied buffer zones
  • Ability to offer a Zoom view of a particular location on map when a user enters coordinates for the location of interest
  • Ability to measure the aerial distance on the map using the measure tool

Technology used

  • Database – PostgreSQL
  • Development Platform – Microsoft 5.0
  • GIS Engine – Geo-Server 2.7
  • Java script Framework – OpenLayers 2.3/3.0
  • UI Design – HTML5/CSS 3
  • Web Service – SOAP
  • Data Format – JSON, GeoJSON
  • Base Map Layer – Openstreet Map
  • Web Server – IIS 8.5

Client Advantage

  • The services provided by AABSyS helped the customer in successfully completing their project on time with no errors
  • The client appreciated the work done at AABSyS as the deliverables were provided with high quality in a time-bound and cost effective manner.
  • AABSyS has been successfully addressing the needs of the geospatial industry for the past 18 years
  • The technical team at AABSyS comprises of qualified and experienced geographers and software engineers who understands the needs of the various industries