RF Map Data Creation


Telecommunication Major, Europe

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The customer, a leading Telecommunication major based out of France requires AABSyS create GIS & Digital Maps. The customer requires maps of 5X5 meter resolution for cluster and 20 m resolution for terrain data.

Solution Offered

  • AABSyS project coordinator worked alongside the client’s project manager for delineating precise area of interest in latitude -longitude geographical coordinates in order to identify and procure necessary toposheets for the AOI at each of the respective locations.
  • The resources digitized sufficient contours in an optimal manner to ensure generation of a good quality DTM.
  • All the spot elevations (Triangulation points, Bench Marks, Spot heights) representing the exact elevation of the terrain at the given location will also be captured.
  • AABSyS in-house team will also create LULC data from satellite imagery with reference and validation from reliable sources.
  • The digitized LULC map and vector data-sets were delivered to the pre-decided locations.
  • A team of 2-3 resources were deployed per location for coordination of collection of scanned toposheets and georeferencing of the SOI toposheets.
  • The data was integrated and final DTM, clutter and vector data in Planet and MapInfo format as per the costumer’s specifications.
  • Once the task was complete, then the deliverables were properly quality checked and the tasks were closed.

Technology used

  • Two senior managers from AABSyS traveled to the customer site for training on source data structure, specification, methodology and pilot data capturing.
  • The team at AABSyS used high end, up-to dated software such as ERDAS Imagine, ArcMap, etc to complete the given task.
  • Few indigenous auto lisp routines were developed in order to expedite the drafting process and assure quality deliverable.
  • AABSyS was in continuous correspondence with the clients in order to solve any queries/ doubts.
  • The task was completed at locations specified by the customer.

AABSyS Advantage

  • AABSyS has been providing GIS services for more than 17 years.
  • The client, a leading telecommunications company based in Europe appreciated the flawless LULC maps, clutter and vector data provided by AABSyS. They helped the company in making informed decisions.
  • The deliverables were provided in a time bound, cost effective manner. An extensive quality assurance procedure ensured delivery of perfect LULC maps and Clutter and Vector data.