Site Plan Survey for Telecom Major


Telecom Company, USA and Europe

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The customer, a leading Telecom Companies based in Middle-East Asia required AABSyS to provide assetization of a large Telecom Network project in the Middle-East. The main scope of the project included, capturing of conduit network, semi duct fiber network, direct buried cable and aerial cable. It also included the capturing of cross-sections for conduits and ducts.

The customer supplied AABSyS with consumer database and all the survey points on the pre-digitized ground cadaster map.

Solution Offered

  • The survey points that were supplied by the customer were imported from Field book file to AutoCAD using Softdesk Civil survey facility.
  • Site information such as houses, streets, curb, parking spaces, fences and pavements etc. were drawn with reference to the GPS information with help of field notes.
  • Points/coordinates were placed on the vector file according to their geo-position and entities such as houses, streets, rivers were drawn in reference to the GPS information with the help of field notes, point descriptions and hand drawn sketches.
  • Additional layer specification such as roads, fences, trees, parking lots, and buildings were provided by the client and included in the digital land survey maps. The final map was delivered to the customer in DWG format.
  • The finalized site plans of the given study areas were projected on paper space with necessary information such as title and legal description notes etc.The final delivery was done after a thorough quality check in order to ensure delivery of error free deliverables.

Technology used

  • AABSyS team used redrafting using survey information and dimension conversion method to convert the survey prom from Field book file to AutoCAD.
  • The project was completed using high end, up-to-date software such as AutoCAD,
  • Few indigenous auto lisp routines were developed in order to expedite the drafting process and assure quality assured deliverables.
  • After consultation with the customer, the team at AABSyS used techniques such as precision redrafting for final use and analysis.
  • AABSyS used multiple levels of quality assurance procedures to ensure that the final products are error free.
  • AABSyS was in continuous correspondence with the clients in order to solve any queries.

AABSyS Advantage

  • The team at AABSyS understood the requirements and expectations of the project and AABSyS completed the project in the stipulated time frame.
  • The customer, a leading Telecom Company in USA and Europe, required the project to be completed in a time bound and cost effective manner for asset management of Telecommunication Network for maintenance, planning & use.
  • The time difference between USA and India allows for a fast turnaround time for drafting, where the survey data of the site is provided to AABSyS at the end of the day, and the customer obtains the digital survey maps on the next morning.
  • The indigenous online query management system ensured that only relevant questions were asked by the AABSyS team.