Website development and GIS data preparation


Utility Major, Europe

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The customer, a leading utility major based out of Europe that provides geographic information system services for energy and water industries. The company partnered with AABSyS to develop a proto type application that will operational on mobile handset. The data of the current version of the application is old and has out-of-date data.

The company assisted AABSyS IT by providing the relevant details and providing the necessary training to assist in completion of the project.

Solution Offered

  • The main scope of the application was creation of an application that has updated map information so the user can quickly navigate, search resp. positioning the map based on address information or GPS and select features
  • AABSyS created a team of three highly skilled software engineers to complete the given project.
  • One of the senior member of the team was trained by the company in its headquarters in Europe for three months.
  • Weekly meetings were fixed to ensure the customer is aware of the on-going developments in the project.
  • The application was developed keeping in mind the requirement of it being only used on a Windows notebook and application
  • All the data related to the application can be exchanged via USB stick or similar device.

Technology used

  • A team of highly-skilled and customer- trained employees was assigned for the project.
  • The product was developed for MGC Offline and the coding and testing of various desktop modules was conducted.
  • The code was developed using Tatuk GIS Delphi SDK
  • A pre-decided weekly meeting for updating the customer regarding the progress of the project and also discuss doubts and feedback.
  • General Functionality for the project : Pan, Zoom, Zoom in, Zoom Out, Selection, Search, GPS, Print, Bookmark, Home features.

AABSyS Advantage

  • AABSyS has been providing software services for more than 15 years now.
  • The client, a leading utility major based out of Europe partnered with AABSyS on this on-going project. The flawless workability of the application will help its users in informed decisions.
  • The client appreciated the work done at AABSyS as the deliverables were provided in a time bound, cost effective manner. An extensive quality assurance procedure ensured error free deliverables.