3D CAD Modeling

3D CAD Modeling Services

The architectural team at AABSyS comprise of experts architects, engineers, draftsmen etc. They have vast experience and expertise to create 3D modeling of floor plans, convert the 2D floor plans into 3D floor plans and create a 3D model of the said houses or building complexes. The 3D architectural floor plans and 3D models can be augmented with AABSyS’s 3D services to provide a realistic view to the model. This model is created on any platform that is suitable to the client and is delivered after strict quality assurance procedures.

AABSyS can create interior and exterior views of houses or other complexes using a customized 3D CAD modelling technique which can be used during building construction or renovation.

Architectural 3D modeling and 3D CAD modeling of floor allows a three dimensional view of houses or complete building complexes including a view of the interior such as furniture and flooring. 3D modeling is a powerful tool which allows a layman to read and understand layout plans with ease.

Architectural 3D CAD modeling is of great use for housing authorities and architects because it:

  • Visualizes the space or volume in each room
  • Illustrates the relationships between rooms
  • Shows the layout of a room with furniture
  • Clearly indicates entry and exit points
  • Clearly indicates where windows and doors are located
  • Provides a useful reference when planning renovations or decorations

Apart from the uses in architecture industry 3D CAD Modeling is also used by in civil industry. The services allow the professionals at the client end to visualise the final product such as bridges, flyovers etc. in a 3D medium. This is useful the engineers to understand the product before the construction of the actual design and make informed decisions about the construction.

AABSyS renders its 3D CAD Modeling services in cost effective, time bound and error free manner. The final outputs can be provided in platforms approved by the clients.

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