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Architectural 3D Floor Plans

The housing and urban development industry utilise CAD and GIS services provided at AABSyS to generate floor plans that are useful in study, design and planning of constructed space. Architectural floor plans are important feature of any building’s sketch. They assist in easy visualization of the interior setup of a residential house, apartment, office, restaurant, and hotel. The architectural floor plans help AABSyS’s customers to visualize the property to sell, lease, or rent a house or office, which everyone can understand. 3D floor plans allow someone who has no experience in reading plans to understand a layout instantly. They are such a powerful tool that they leave out nothing for guesswork during marketing, sale and leasing of property.

The architectural floor plans with furniture layout, floor coverings, wall textures, colour schemes to be utilized for a better look to the interior of the architectural construction. They can be prepared as either 2D or 3D floor plans based on the client’s requirements. The 2D floor plans provide the basic layout of an interior of a civil construction such as a residential building, a complex, a shopping mall, an office infrastructure, a factory layout or public utility services such as airports, railway stations and other government offices. These plans assist in viewing and management of space.

Once the 2D plan has been created, the third dimension is introduced into the floor plan by creating the perspective views. The 3D views are taken from different angles and the 3D floor plan created with the help of constructing elevations in the 2D plan. The architectural floor plan so created has different objects placed as per the customer’s requirements. Appropriate colours and textures are assigned to the objects walls to create a perfect 3D floor plan. The 3D floor plans with the assigned external settings are put for rendering, which creates the different perspectives of the model in the form of a view or a picture.

Technology advancements have assisted in the use of 3-dimensional perspectives has increased to a great extent. Each of these industry sectors strategically create the detailed 3d floor plan layout of the interior and visualizations which help them in distinguishing and optimizing the colours used, objects, textures of floors / walls, ceiling designs, furniture layouts and performing various space planning exercises.

AABSyS specialises in preparation of 3D floor plans for residential houses using scans or digital floor plans, elevations, sections of 2D floor plans with revision remarks, hand sketches of elevations and side views and cross-sections, etc.

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