2D and 3D Digitization

2D and 3D Digitizing Services

Every map that is created on a computerised platform requires 2D or 3D digitization services for 2d digitizing road, monuments, housing etc. 2D or 3D digitization services essentially involve converting of any form of information into a digital format. These days the technology advancements have ensured the use of technology on a daily basis by the common man. The heightened use street maps for reaching from one destination to the other is most common and famous example of the use of 2D and 3D digitization services.

2D digitizing involves creating digital copies of data that is either supplied by the client or procured otherwise. The data such as road/street network once digitized helps to preserve, access, and share the data.

3D digitization is the process of taking point-by-point measurements and coordinates until enough data is captured to build geometric surfaces with z-axis elevation. AABSyS’s 3D digitization services and 3D Modeling services are used to capture high-density geometry with selected Z-axis coordinates to generate the 3D elevation and the 3D model. This enables measurement of the X, Y, Z coordinates of surfaces that are difficult to measure using traditional measurement techniques. AABSyS IT’s 3D digitization services also include capturing of contours and topography with their respective z-axis elevations. This enables the generation of 3D Terrain models that are useful in GIS. 2D and 3D digitization is also used in architecture industry. AABSyS IT’s team of experts can render 3D floor plans at any resolution that is required by its clients.

AABSyS IT’s 2D and 3D digitization services help:

  • In generation of architectural 3D models of buildings with the ability to view the interiors and the exterior of the 3D model.
  • In generating the digital 3D machine drawings, structural and civil drawings for engineering firms to.
  • Environmental, mining, GIS consultants to generate the 3D terrain models to help them in their research and analysis.