Paper to CAD Conversion

Paper to CAD Conversion Services

CAD conversion technique is one of the most effective way to document technical drawings and related information in a systematic manner. The technique conveniently handles, stores and maintains information retrieved from paper drawings in an electronic format. It also protects these conversions from possible damages or loss of data in the process.

Paper to CAD conversion services are offered in 2 stages:

  1. Scanning hardcopies of drawings and maps
  2. Drafting / digitizing on the scanned maps using high end, up-to-date software

Drafting is one of the stages of paper to CAD conversion, through which the dimensional accuracy of the paper map is protected. It is used for engineering drawings of machine, electrical, instrumentation, architectural floor plans and, structural.

The process of digitization is another paper to CAD conversion stage that is used for converting maps, sketches, schematic diagrams, or circuit diagrams where positional accuracy of the objects is important. Digitization is also used for contour maps, topographic maps, zonal maps, cadastral maps, utility maps etc.

AABSyS IT offers end to end CAD conversion services, paper to CAD conversions services with high precision and quality in synchronisation with global standards. AABSyS IT’s paper to CAD conversion services seamlessly convert paper drawings and maps into highly accurate digital files, with the help of its paper to CAD conversions technique. These services are available paper to CAD conversion services and digital file format conversion services such as DWG to PDF, DWG to TIFF or JPG format for publication, distribution and archiving.

AABSyS IT experts are qualified engineers, architects and draftsmen who have extensive experience in paper to CAD conversion and are accustomed to different high end software and have developed small AutoCAD routines and programmes in VBA/Visual Lisp Programming.

AABSyS IT offers paper to CAD conversion services and CAD drafting services for mechanical, structural, civil, electrical, architectural engineering and, related industries.

The main advantages of AABSyS ITpaper to CAD conversion services are:

  • Reproduction of superior quality drawings from poor quality original hardcopies
  • Save time vs. digitizing tablets, redrawing, copying and printing documents
  • Conversion from raster format to 100% CAD perfect geometry
  • Document conversion including PDF conversion
  • Enhanced services to customers at a lower cost and reduced future revision cost
  • Increased productivity and control the cost and turn around delivery time