Pole Loading Analysis

Pole Loading Analysis

Federal Communications Commission (FCC), following the National Broadband Plan for future, recognized that lack of access to physical infrastructure, particularly utility poles, is often a significant barrier to deploying communication services. Hence, there was a need to establish a more detailed framework to govern the accessibility timelines, rates, terms and conditions for pole attachments.

The establishment of timelines expedited the “make-ready” process considerably and NESC (National Electrical Safety Code) set the ground rules for safety compliance. In order to ensure compliance with NESC, joint use pole owners have to conduct utility pole inspections, including the pole loading analysis, before they allow a communication company to attach a new equipment to it. The pole loading analysis helps estimate and mitigate risk factors.

Pole audit, engineering, and make ready program, thus, maintain the structural integrity of the utility’s aerial distribution and transmission systems while still meeting the fast-paced demands of the attaching telecommunication companies.

Effective analysis of pole loading factors shall not only assist efficient distribution of electric utilities, but also help estimate and mitigate the risk factors associated with each overhead line. AABSyS is a leading provider of pole loading analysis services for the utilities industry. With data received from the customer’s field staff, AABSyS engineering team can provide detailed pole-level analytics, including the following:

  • Structural analysis
  • Stress analysis
  • Clearance analysis
  • Reporting of high-risk field assets
  • Pole replacement design
  • Make-ready design
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