Utility Right of Way Mapping Services

A utility right of way is a registered easement on private land that allows the local administration and various utility companies the right to access the utilities or services that are routed within the right of way. Utility rights of way usually contain underground or overhead supply lines of utility services such as electric power, water, sewer, telephone, and gas. Utility Right of Way survey or Route survey is carried out to determine and layout the route of a utility link from the distributer to the customer’s home or office.

AABSyS IT has a strong expertise in providing utility right of way mapping services. The specialised team for route survey visits the site to analyze and understand the route survey plan. Location of the topographical features and the utility features such as the existing structures, towers, cables etc. are accurately captured using GPS. A brief description of the utility features surveyed along the route is recorded by the field engineer.

AABSyS has supported many customers with utility right of way mapping services. Our typical services include the following

  • Right of way mapping for telecom wired telecom
  • Telecom route survey plan in citrix platform
  • Route survey and fiber cable plan updates
  • Cable blowing