Viewshed Analysis

GIS Services / Viewshed Analysis

Viewshed analysis helps users estimate the visibility of objects or areas from different points of view. The elevation value of each cell of the digital terrain model (DTM) is used to determine visibility to or from a particular cell. Viewshed analysis tools are useful when a user wants to calculate the visibility of objects — for example, the view of a cellular tower from a road.

Viewsheds can be derived using an individual point such as a tower or multiple points such as a line representing a road. These analyses could include colored representation of an image to indicate areas where the user may be missing some relevant data. Multiple images are required using Viewshed analysis because it is based on different angles of the same area so that all parts of the roads and infrastructure can be included in the analysis.

Viewshed analysis finds its use in various fields, including:

  • Wireless telecommunication
  • Construction
  • Archeology
  • Forestry
AABSyS offerings

AABSyS provides Viewshed Analysis including the following services:

  • Creation of Digital Terrain Model
  • Derivation of Digital Surface Model
  • Generation of Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) surfaces
  • Creation of buffer area based on circumference
  • Calculation of distance between points
  • Preparation of Viewshed maps with the specified radius around the object / area of interest
  • Cross section analysis at intervals around the object / area of interest