LiDAR Services

Lidar Services

AABSyS offers professional Airborne and Terrestrial LiDAR services that help map physical features with very fine resolutions.

Airborne LiDAR Services

AABSyS Airborne LiDAR Services involves filtering the LiDAR point cloud data using customized filtering techniques for yielding the best possible bare earth surface.

AABSyS offers the following Airborne LiDAR Services:

  • Flight Line Adjustment
  • Classification (Buildings, Low & High Vegetation, Water body, Transmission lines, etc.)
  • Break Line Collection
  • Planimetric Features
  • Contour, TIN Creation

Mobile LiDAR Services

AABSyS offers Mobile LiDAR services to collect the following features:

  • Building: Building canopy, Roof line and other man-made structures
  • Transportation: Road, road cover line, Road curb etc.
  • Transmission: Pylon, power line, light pole etc.
  • Utility: Manhole, fire hydrants, poles (Road signs, Traffic poles, etc.).
  • Vegetation: Single tree, tree canopy and bushes

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Services

The capability and accuracy of UAVs in surveillance and site inspection has been overwhelming. UAVs capture accurate and highly detailed Orthophotographs, 3D Digital Elevation Models, and much more. Unlike satellites or manned aircrafts, drones could survey at a much lower altitude, making the generation of high-resolution, high-accuracy data, much faster, less expensive, and independent of atmospheric conditions such as cloud-cover. We have established strong partnership with industry experts having rich experience in providing UAV services with the latest cutting-edge technology.

Listed below are the key aspects of our UAV services:

  • Focus on simplifying end to end drone-based jobs.
  • PAN India operators available locally for data collection
  • On-demand payload availability with multi-spectral sensors
  • Experienced pilots with expertise in surveillance and data acquisition

Following are the key domains where AABSyS UAV Services are employed for mapping and surveying:

  • Land Planning and Visualization
  • Railways
  • Asset and Plant Inspections
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Powerline Inspections
  • Mining and Natural Resources.