Report Generation from Single Line Diagrams

Report Generation from Single Line Diagrams

AABSyS has been successfully supporting the global utility industry by offering reliable, end to end GIS services and solutions. Report-generation tool is a key offering that AABSyS offers for telecom / broadband customers in order to support the effective management of their networks.

The Challenge

In the regular manual process flow, the customer typically faces the following challenges:

  • Manual work consumes a lot of time
  • It is not always possible to prevent data entry mistakes in a manual job
The Solution

In order to overcome these challenges AABSyS had developed a tool that generates splicing schedule reports from single-line diagrams.

Splicing schedule reports help customers to visualize all connections that exist at a splice point. This enables them in the effective planning / upgrade of their telecom / broadband networks. This tool reduces the splicing schedule report preparation effort to a great extent.

The generation of splicing schedule report is made in the following steps:

  • Semi-automatic creation of schedules from single line diagrams representing telecom design network, network of splice closures, splitters, and terminals.
  • Generation of splicing schedules of MSTs and ODNs connected to the splice enclosure in.CSV format
  • Automatic generation of a merged report by compiling individual schedules
How the Customer Benefitted
  • Ability to generate splicing schedule reports quicker at lower cost
  • Error free splicing schedule reports