Technology Services

Technology Services

AABSyS focuses on end to end offerings in technology services. AABSyS pioneering efforts enable it to specially weave its solutions into customer environments. The company provides technology services that consistently meet or exceed customer’s expectations.

These technology services are provided to various local, state, and federal government agencies; large companies and the private sector.

AABSyS technology services includes:

AABSys provides product development and substance engineering thought its state of the art ISO 19001 Global offshore delivery center based out of Bhubaneswar, India. The offshore team works an an extended team to the client’s existing team providing the much need scalability and flexibility to client’s product development life-cycle

  • Cost Savings
  • Business flexibility and agility
  • Extended team for customer
  • Scalable pool of resources
  • Time zone advantage
  • Time and Material
    • On demand
    • Hourly/Daily/Monthly billing
  • Fixed Price
  • Blended
    • Mixed of T&M and Fixed Price
    • For e.g. Requirement/Design T&M and Development/Testing Fixed Price
  • Offshore dedicated
    • Fixed monthly costs for a set of resources
    • Clients decides the size and profiles of the team
    • Typically long duration contract
  • Geospatial
  • Microsoft
  • Java
  • Open Source
  • Rich Internet Application
  • Mobility
  • Cloud Computing

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