Process Automation Services

Blockchain Developement Services

AABSyS keeps innovating the workflow of projects as and how we learn and adapt to the changing requirements of projects and customers globally. As a part of continuing innovation we introduce process automation fully or partly in a project, in order to improve productivity, enhance quality and streamline the workflow. The level of process automation varies from project to project, depending on the nature and duration of engagement.

The following are some of the key process automation steps that AABSyS has introduced in our projects:

Work Process Automation

  • Positioning of utility assets
  • Update of sub-cluster tables with data from ODPs, MSTs and premises
  • Population premises tables with data from ODPs, MSTs, drop types and drop categories
  • Premise count details inside sub cluster boundary
  • Sequential numbering of SPLs, ODPs and MSTs
  • Creation of splice chart spreadsheet from SLD diagrams
  • Report generation from SLD Drawings
  • Placement of entities in proper layer, color, line type
  • Creation of PDF plots of all grids at a time by changing associated attributes
  • Plotting location of points of interest on a map
  • Automated manual design and drafting operations in AutoCAD

Quality Process Automation

  • QA/QC checking tool that identifies and reports errors in different categories
  • Error marking tool that helps add QA /QC/Fixing comments