Indoor Navigation Solutions

Indoor navigation solutions are designed to locate destinations inside a built-up space using sensory information collected by mobile devices. Indoor navigation solutions help users identify the location of their destinations inside a building, be it a shopping mall, office complex, exhibition hall, hospital complex or an airport.

AABSyS’ strategic partner vanillaNAV is an award-winning indoor navigation solution that uses optical navigation markers to guide users towards their destinations. vanillaNAV optical navigation markers has coordinates and the floor level of destinations encoded within them. The vanillaNAV App decodes the markers to guide users precisely and reliably through the building, using its turn by turn augmented reality route guidance mechanism. The vanillaNAV app is available for free download from App Store and Google Play.

AABSyS-vanillaNAV indoor navigation solutions enable reliable and precise position estimation within centimeters of the destinations.

The following are the features of AABSyS-vanillaNAV indoor navigation solutions:

  • Easy installation
    The positioning optical navigation markers enables fast, easy and cost efficient installation in all kinds of buildings. This saves customers from investments in expensive infrastructure, high maintenance costs, and the need to create special maps. AABSyS-vanillaNAV indoor navigation solutions are cheaper, involves lesser maintenance costs and could be designed on any existing floor plan.
  • Accurate and reliable positioning technology The vanillaNAV positioning technology doesn´t require complex Wi-Fi infrastructure. On the contrary, it works via simple optical navigation markers. These small markers can be attached to the floor or on the walls of the building to enable accurate position estimation within centimeters.
  • Easier and efficient venue management
    The web-backend of vanillaNAV allows customers to manage their venues 24 x 7 from anywhere in the world. vanillaNAV Manager enables customers to define navigation destinations, specify routes and add share additional information about destinations.
  • True to life route guidance
    Navigation destinations can either be selected from the list of destinations or using the integrated search function. Upon initiation of route guidance, vanillaNAV App provides intuitive turn by turn navigation through an augmented reality navigation arrow – across various floors and outdoor areas.

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