Services for the Global Telecom Industry

AABSyS is one of the leading service providers to the global Telecom industry. With our rich experience and expertise in using most prevalent industry standard platforms such as Aramis, Smallworld, QGIS, 3-GIS, G-Technology, AutoCAD, MicroStation, SpatialNET, Network Engineer and ArcGIS, AABSyS continues to support leading global EPC service providers in planning, designing, managing, and upgrading their communication networks. Our key services for the global telecom industry are as follows:

Fiber and Broadband

FTTx Design and Engineering

AABSyS IT has strong expertise and deep domain knowledge in Fibre network designing and drafting. We have supported a number of customers in Europe, Australia, US, UK and India on FTTx Network design, capture of network data along with asset data and physical network inventory–creation of As-built drawings (ABD), migration of network data from multiple sources to a single platform and update of As-built data of the network (OSP/ISP) on the enterprise/central GIS via direct or remote access.
Some of the FTTx related services offered by AABSyS include:
  • Preliminary network design and drafting
  • Low Level Design (LLD)
  • High Level Design (HLD)
  • Detail Design
  • Final Job packs including BOM/BOQs, Splice sheets and SLDs
  • FTTx network update

Construction Packages

The following services are offered as part of Construction Packages:
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities (BOQ/BOM)
  • Capture and representation of construction sheets highlighting Land-base, existing utilities, proposed lines and stationing
  • Identification of Aerial and Overhead Networks
  • Preparation of Fiber maps and Splice Diagrams
  • Preparation of Traffic Control Plans (TCPs)
  • Preparation of cross-sectional details

High Level Design

Following are the key services offered under High Level Design:
  • Preliminary Fiber Route Planning for cost analysis and inventory planning
  • Detailed land-base data creation for long distance and intra-city OFC network

Low Level Design

Following are the key services offered under Low Level Design:
  • Standardized attribution for cables, pits, terminals, duct, conduits and other OSP equipment with their unique coding standards
  • Capture and representation of Optical Fiber Cable lines and connected assets such as conduit network, semi duct fiber network, direct buried cables and aerial cables
  • Interlinkage with fiber service area, fiber service module, fiber distribution area, physical network identification (OSP) and sequence number of equipment/assets

GPON Drafting

AABSyS offers a complete package on GPON drafting services, ranging from the FTTx planning to As-Built Drawings. Our deep domain expertise and rich experience ensures that the most sophisticated, voluminous, and complex GPON Drafting service requirements are completed in a time-bound manner, with high quality and accuracy. Following are the key services offered for GPON networks:
  • FTTH Planning
  • Permit Drafting
  • Traffic Control Plan
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • As-Built Drafting (ABD)
  • Single Line Diagrams (SLD)
  • Issued for Construction (IFC)

Pole Loading Analysis and Make-Ready Engineering

AABSyS is a leading provider of PLA & MRE services for the Telecom industry, and are conversant with most industry platforms like O-Calc, QuickPole, and so on. With data received from the customer’s field staff, AABSyS engineering team can provide detailed pole-level analytics, including the following:
  • Model and Analysis of the Pole
  • Forward and Backward Pole location
  • Fore Span & Back Span information
  • Wind and Ice Loading district information to determine extreme weather conditions
  • Pole Height , Class & Species
  • Construction Grade
  • Attachment Details
  • Guy & Anchor Information
  • Photo annotation / mark-up


Wireless Network Drafting

Accurate Architectural and Engineering drafting of wireless network projects for:
  • Greenfield
  • Rooftop
  • Mono Towers and Street Poles
  • Small Cell
  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

SAED Drafting Services

AABSyS teams have been engaged in providing SAED drafting services and have completed several successful projects providing drafting and design support for Preliminary Design (PD) and For Construction (FC) drafting for greenfield, rooftop and monopole sites, as-built creation and update, DSL and Small Cell drafting for CRAN and 5G upgrades. As a strong SAED drafting services partner, AABSyS offers following:
  • Site feasibility consultation
  • Lease exhibits
  • Zoning drawings
  • Construction Drawings
  • As-built Drawings
  • Small Cell Design and Drafting
  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
  • Structural Analysis
  • Permit packages

Structural Drafting and Analysis

Cell towers are the backbone of the wireless telecommunication network. Structural Analysis involved the full analysis of the structure with the proposed changes. The following are offered as part of Structural Analysis:
  • Structure loading condition analysis
  • Tower Modification and Reinforcement Design
  • Existing Building Rooftop Analysis and New Carrier Design
  • Building and Tower Mount Analysis
  • Rooftop and Ground Equipment Platform Design