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AABSyS Sexual Harassment Action Committee

AABSyS is proud to maintain a diverse, multi-cultural and vibrant workplace. In order to address any gender-based incidents and also as part of our statutory compliance, we have formed a Sexual Harassment Action Committee.
Members of lnternal Sexual Harassment Complaints Committee:
Members at Bhubaneswar Office location:
  • Mrs. Ajanta Ghosh, Chairperson
  • Mrs. Padmaja Khuntia, Member
  • Mrs. Puspanjali Panda, Member
  • Mr. Shyam Mohapatra, Member
  • Mr. Sibnarayan Mohapatra, Member
Member at Berhampur Office location:
  • Mrs. Sucharita Nayak, Member
Member at Noida Office location:
  • Mrs. Anupama Pande, Member
lndependent Member:
  • Mrs. Subra Mishra, Chief Resource Manager & Senior Vice President, SPARC-INDlA